Hey Lovelies, happy 2017! I’m back and I’m better with something a bit different for you guys. I’ve had a de-clutter and redecorated my room with some great pieces. I thought I’d share with you some of my statement accessories for the home.

Lately I have gone for a clean crisp white look so that whatever I put on my shelving will standout. I purchased this ‘Multipurpose Make-up brush Set’ from Amazon and the ‘Buddha Statue Head’ is from B&M. I was gifted some lovely make-up products from Chanel at Christmas, and fell in love with the bag which I had to incorporate into my room…

Furthermore, I was asked by a few of my subscribers to review these ‘Multipurpose Brushes’, for me personally I prefer to use these brushes when I want to create a more light coverage natural look, although my mum uses these brushes for a full coverage look… With these brushes you have to use a lot more product on them to get the full effect, which is fine for an evening look, but for an everyday look I prefer my normal foundation brushes.

My room is definitely my oyster so I needed it to reflect my inner calm and serenity that I’m feeling in 2017. I hope you guys enjoy this post, for more details and direct links of where I purchased these items, please scroll down to the bottom of the page.




B&M Stores Buddha Head- Available in store only PLEASE SEE SIMILAR HERE…

Amazon Multipurpose Brush Set-PLEASE SEE SIMILAR HERE


Written by Martinique