Next to immaculate tailoring and dapper tweeds we all know that a pop of colour against navy or black gives an outfit that wow factor! This red structured clutch bag adds a dressy feature to this, which is a great example of how accessories can make your outfit go from an average 5 to a solid 10…

Have you noticed that there are soo many recurring trends as well as a few newcomers that are simply delectable! It is hard not to fall in love with them all over again. I’m definitely guilty for holding on to trends that compliment my figure and my style, which is why tailored pieces are my favourite key staples in my wardrobe!

With this look my aim was to channel my inner boss chic, but with a casual twist, hence why I choose to team this outfit with a pair of jeans and a black stiletto heel. The wide lapel with big buttons looks modern, fresh and brings another element to the blazer.

Guys! What are your thoughts on the tailored coats this winter 2018? Are you rocking yours already or are you skipping this autumn/winter influential trend completely?

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I look forward to your comments below.

TAILORED COAT- Warehouse short double breasted coat in navy – Navy
RIVERISLAND JEANS- Dark blue Harper super skinny jeans 
RIVERISLAND SHOES- Black patent court shoes 

Written by Martinique